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Hands Down the Best Hands-On Drumming Experience in the World!

JULY 17TH - 21ST


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Big Drum Bonanza host and creator Thomas Lang is one of the world's top drummers and educators. His award-winning series of educational books and DVDs have been best sellers and he has been named "Best Educator" by Modern Drummer, Drum! and Rhythm magazines.  In 2015,  named Thomas Lang as the top drumming educators in the world and #8 on their list of "The Top 20 Drummers of the Past 25 Years."


Drumming legend and Modern Drummer Hall of Fame Inductee, Phillips has worked with Toto, The Who, Je

Drumming legend and Modern Drummer Hall of Fame Inductee, Simon Phillips has worked with a veritable "who's who" of musical greats including Toto, The Who, Jeff Beck and Tears for Fears among others. Philips is also a prolific producer and has recorded numerous solo albums including his recently Grammy-nominated release, "Protocol 4."



Luke Holland (The Word Alive/The Evening) is a young drummer who has taken the world by storm. In 2013, Holland was voted one of the "Top Drummers of the Year" by Alternative Press magazine, Holland tours the world performing and teaching and his more than half a million dedicated Youtube subscribers from around the globe have racked up  tens of millions of views of his drumming videos.


Terry Bozzio

Terry Bozzio is a pioneer of the drumming world. From his work with Frank Zappa, Missing Persons, UK, Duran Duran, Korn and more -- Bozzio has not only redefined drumset playing, but he has redefined the instrument itself. A pioneer, visionary and creative genius, Modern Drummer Hall of Fame inductee Terry Bozzio has recorded on countless albums and has released nine acclaimed solo albums.

About thomas lang's big drum bonanza


The Big Drum Bonanza is the first-ever artist-hosted drumming intensive boot camp in the world!

In 2009, acclaimed drummer/educator Thomas Lang introduced the world to the entirely new concept of the "hands-on" drum camp method which has since been widely imitated -- but never fully replicated In 2013, Lang expanded his Thomas Lang Drumming Boot Camp method to create a multi-day/multi-artist event -- and the Big Drum Bonanza was born! 

The Big Drum Bonanza  brings together the best of the best drummers from all over the world to work closely with you and guide you through eight hours of daily hands-on playing and learning. That's 40 total hours of small group lessons with some of the world's most acclaimed drummers and educators. Imagine the expense, travel and time it would take to take 40 hours of small group lessons with our amazing BDB instructors?

Since its inception,  the BDB has featured such exceptional guest artist instructors as Virgil Donati, Chris Coleman, Stanton Moore, Tony Royster Jr., Jim Keltner, Chad Wackerman, Matt Garstka, Gergo Borlai, Jeff Hamilton, Dave Elitch, Acquiles Priester, Derek Roddy, Kenny Aronoff, Gregg Bissonnette, Scott Pellegrom and many more! 



We take pride in providing our guests with the best drum camp experience in the world. Drummers of all ages and abilities are welcome at the Big Drum Bonanza. Many of our guests bring spouses and families to enjoy a vacation in Sunny Southern California! We're close to incredible shopping, hiking, beaches as well as a convenient driving distance to Universal Studios and Disneyland. When you're not drumming you can lounge by the pool and relax after an exciting day of drumming with the world's best! We ensure that your experience will be stress-free and well organized. So sit back, relax, and leave everything but the drumming to us! 


Something Different Every Day!

Classroom learning is from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM daily.

Each day at the Big Drum Bonanza features a different guest instructor who will lead the group in a unique, hands-on teaching session. Each day is completely unique & exciting!

The Big Drum Bonanza is THE ONLY drum camp that offers PRIVATE LESSONS with each of our instructors.

We also offer a VIP guided tour of the DW Factory located in nearby Oxnard, California. You're going to love learning with us!